Static Defense Operations

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Emily Rautenberg
  • 514th Air Mobility Wing

If you drove back near the kennels May 21, you might have heard things like, “Hands up!” and “Turn away from the sound of my voice!” yelled in deep, booming voices. Or maybe, in a not-so-intimidating voice, “Key? Who’s got the key?”

This is because the 514th Security Forces was taking advantage of this warm and sunny Sunday in order to fit in some hands-on Static Defense Operations training. The training involved two Airmen standing behind barricades in simulated defensive fighting positions while a third Airman outside the “gate” acted as a potential unauthorized personnel. During each iteration of the exercise, the third Airman changed his demeanor, switching between being compliant or non-compliant, demonstrating hostile intent, or even exhibiting malicious behavior.

The two Airmen behind the gate, armed with simulated weapons, went through the proper process of challenging the “hostile,” asking for identification, asking him to stop moving forward, and to raise his arms up. Each time, the situation was escalated until the hostile was on the ground and one of the Airman was required to handcuff and search him.

Master Sgt. Jack Humphrey, the Training noncommissioned officer in charge, said they try to incorporate challenging, hand cuffing, and searching as much as possible into their operations. While most of the security forces reservists are police officers on the civilian side, not all of them are, so it is important to consistently practice these skills.