88th APS Airman's Council holds first meeting of fiscal year

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  • 88th Aerial Port Squadron


During October’s Unit Training Assembly (UTA), Airmen of the 88th Aerial Port Squadron held their first meeting of the 2018 Fiscal Year to discuss a wide range of topics. The junior enlisted body supports current programs and initiatives throughout the United States Air Force Reserve, 514th Air Mobility Wing, and their squadron. The council also operates as an advocate and booster club for junior Airmen, ranks from Airman Basic (E-1) to Senior Airman (E-4).

“We hold our own elections and lead our own meeting’s agendas. Our Airman’s council has really made strides to help all Airmen, as an individual assembly of Airmen,” said Senior Airman Hendrick Fayette, 88th APS Airman’s Council president. “We fundraise to off-set prices at squadron functions, include morale boosters with guest speakers, offer support services for Airmen, like finding someone a ride to get to and from the UTA. We do all we can to be here for each other.”

During the council meeting, Airmen discussed topics including benefits, career advancement opportunities, and Airmen readiness. Featured guest speakers were current members of the 88th APS: Tech. Sgt. Avalon Charles, a veteran squadron member and Master Sgt. David Gold, the squadron’s new First Sergeant.  Charles spoke about the many changes he’s seen in the Air Force and squadron, deployments, and motivation from the time he first enlisted to now. Gold talked about a variety of topics from growth and opportunities available for those who work hard, to how leadership decisions are often made.

This assembly was unique. Special invited guest, Chief Master Sgt. Matthew Muldowney, 514th Air Mobility Wing command chief, sat in on the meeting. Before adjourning, Muldowney addressed the council and gave his personal testimony as a chief master sergeant in the United States Air Force Reserve who was once an Airman Basic. In his address, Muldowney offered the Airmen encouragement and motivation to continue aiming high personally and within their Air Force career.

“I was in your shoes one day,” he said. “You are the future of the United States Air Force. Someone in here is a future chief, colonel, captain, or master sergeant.”

 Muldowney also expressed his appreciation for being invited to an organic assembly of Airmen and promised to continue the 514th Chief’s Call with Airmen.

Concluding his visit,  Muldowney posed for a picture with the Airman, commemorating his first ever Airman’s Council visit as the 514th Air Mobility Command chief.

The 88th Aerial Port Squadron’s Airman’s Council officers are Senior Airman Hendrick Fayette, president; Airman 1st Class Martin Sanders, vice president; Senior Airman Blanche Penafiel, treasurer; Senior Airman Ashlee Nieves, secretary.