Get Fit with CHPS

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Kimberly Lalley
  • 514th Air Mobility Wing public affairs

Civilian employees have another chance to get fit this summer with the latest promotion from Civilian Health Promotion Services (CHPS).   Starting Monday, July 30, CHPS is providing participants with weekly emails including healthy recipe options, two weekly lunch time walks, a weekly challenge, and a Friday fun tip. Participating in this five-week challenge provides individuals with confidence, knowledge, and motivation to incorporate healthy lifestyle choices into their busy work week. The CHPS team will participate in the challenges and provide InBody screenings for those who start and finish the challenge. 

The InBody screening measures the percentage of segmental muscle, fat and water in your body.  Feedback is provided in less than a minute.  To sign up for this challenge, contact Anna Orlov, CHPS Health Promotion Specialist at 609-754-1963.

The CHPS Team looks forward to supporting your health and fitness goals, and making a positive impact in your lives, states Orlov. 

 In addition to healthy challenges, the CHPS Team offers more than 40 health promotion topics.  They’ll come to your worksite to teach a class or conduct an InBody assessment. 

Once a year, civilian employees can have their blood screened and get immediate results including glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure.  No information is ever tracked or charted and results are provided within minutes.


“CHPS is looking for several locations for the month of August to offer blood work screenings. Please consider reaching out if there is an upcoming day/time in August where the civilians in your shop would be willing and able to utilize these free and amazing services,” says Michele Jones, the other half of the CHPS team.


Improved health helps reduce days lost and increases productivity across the work place. Spread the word that CHPS is here to educate and empower every DOD employee.


Sign up today!  CHPS can be reached at 609-754-1963 or or