Consolidated CSS Primed for 2020

  • Published
  • By Mr. Sal Valeo
  • 514th Air Mobility Wing

With little fanfare, the 514th Mission Support Group Commander’s Support Staff became fully operational on 6 January, 2020. While deemed as a grand opening, little attention was given to the event except for a brief ribbon cutting ceremony by the staff and the new MSG Commander, Colonel Robert Wieman. 

The department was officially created 1 Oct 2019, based on an Air Force Reserve Command manpower directive that all MSG assigned units relocate their CSS personnel to a centrally consolidated group CSS structure. Up until 6 January, the department was operational but not all assigned employees were able to work out of the new building 2226 location, due to a lack of office furniture.

Over the first 90 days, the department superintendent, Mr. Sal Valeo, began soliciting for used furniture in the wing.  Valeo is a retired Senior Master Sergeant and a 15-year veteran of the Freedom Wing who recently retired in 2018, after 34 years of service. Valeo accepted the challenge of standing up the new CSS, and was able to acquire some temporary office furniture from the maintenance group and wing staff. 

“Our mandate from the AFRC manpower study, is to create a consolidated Commander Support Staff to provide efficient and effective customer service to the group. Our goal is to reduce the workload of Air Reserve Technicians that previously took on CSS related tasks. As a former ART, I can relate to the extra time these tasks consumed from my primary position. Anything the CSS can do to absorb these tasks will have a positive impact on ART’s in their primary roles.”

The business template created by the new consolidated CSS, models the efficiency and effectiveness of the retail giant, Amazon. Valeo studied the retailer’s order processing and customer service techniques and adapted the Amazon Prime model to the new CSS. “I came up with the CSS Prime business model strategy, based on the popularity of the retail giant’s enormous success in providing quick 24-48 hour product delivery to your doorstep. Although we don’t deliver products, we try very hard to process order requests, 40A requests and other emailed questions within a 24-48 hour customer service agreement,” said Valeo.

“We started with a folding table, no phones and very little computer equipment, but we managed to implement our business model successfully with the help of a handful of personnel and administrative experts,” said Valeo. So far we have had a positive impact and many satisfied customers.

“The MSG/CSS has two organizational email addresses, one specifically for order requests and another for other CSS related requests. The department consists of seven full-time personnel (a combination of Air Reserve Technicians and civilian employees) and more then 40 traditional reservists assigned for unit training assemblies. We are actually the size of a small squadron,” said Valeo.

To reach the MSG/CSS please email either of the two addresses listed below:

Order Requests :

CSS Programs   :