Common Access Card Modernization

  • Published
  • By Mr. Daniel Pensiero
Who: McGuire AFB Personnel What: CAC Modernization/PIV Authentication When: 16-Mar-2020 Why: In an effort to decrease the amount of certificates available for authentication AFNET is migrating user accounts from the 10 digit email certificate (1234567890@mil) to the 16 digit PIV certificate (1234567890123456@mil). The PIV will be utilized to perform a login to a computer as well as to access enterprise applications ie. AF Portal, TBA, PRDA, Remedy. Prior to the migration users will receive an email from AFPKI/AFDS stating that the member will be migrated. After the migration personnel will need to select the PIV/Authentication certificate when logging in. If any issues are encountered upon migrating please submit a remedy ticket via the vESD icon located on the desktop or contact your local Comm Focal Point.