Defender with Distinction

  • Published
  • By Mr. Daniel Pensiero

On July 30th, Master Sgt. Miriam Carpio-Hospedales, Personnel Superintendent, 514th Security Forces Squadron, added another award to her ever-growing collection of accolades. Carpio-Hospedales was recognized by Assemblywoman Judy Griffen, New York State Assembly District 21, as a 2020 Women of Distinction Award recipient.  

When speaking about this honor, Carpio-Hospedales expressed that it came as a surprise after 23 years in the Air Force Reserve. As she prepared to deploy, her son Jared, was her number one priority. She said, “I asked Mr. O’Hara, his teacher, to give my son some additional help while I was away.” Peace-of-mind was of utmost importance as she was preparing for her tour.    

When she returned from her six-month deployment, Carpio-Hospedales presented North Middle School in Lynbrook, Long Island, an American flag that had flown on several missions in the Middle East. “When Assemblywoman Griffen saw this on the news, she sent a letter home thanking me for the gift I had given the school,” said Carpio-Hospedales. Shortly after hearing about this, Griffen contacted Mr. O'Hara and showed interest in wanting to recognize Carpio-Hospedales.

Floored by the gesture, Carpio-Hospedales humbly felt she was undeserving of the award. “This is what I do. This is what I love.” she said.

In an intimate outdoor ceremony, with proper social distancing, Carpio-Hospedales accepted her award at the Baldwin Community Garden in Baldwin, N.Y.  Friends and family were able to watch via Zoom.  During the ceremony, there was a long list of accomplishments read about Carpio-Hospedales. Her experience with the 514th Security Forces Squadron and CitiBank have made lasting impressions on her journey until this point in her career. When discussing who she attributes her success, she responded that “I wouldn’t be where I am without the support I receive from my leadership team at Citibank.”  She is a Client Service Team Manager with Citibank and Reserve Citizen Airman in Security Forces at the Freedom Wing.

Lt. Col. Michael Gibbs, Commander, 514th Security Forces Squadron, fondly says, “ Master Sgt. Carpio-Hospedales has been an integral member of our unit for over two decades.”  Gibbs goes on to describe her successes during both overseas deployments and home station missions, concluding with, “Everything she has touched has turned to gold.”  

Carpio-Hospedales is excited about what the future holds professionally, as a mother, and a Reservist. She gives sage advice for everyone working hard to juggle the stressors of professional and personal life. “Continue to strive for excellence; you need a mentor; you need a sponsor. Find someone to push you to your limits.”