Developmental and Training Flight – Training Tomorrow’s Airmen Today

  • Published
  • By Mr. Daniel Pensiero
  • 514th Air Mobility Wing

The Development and Training Flight at the 514th Air Mobility Wing is a vital piece of the Freedom Wing’s ability to prepare the Airmen of tomorrow with the right training today.

Tech. Sgt. Kristine Glenn is the noncommissioned officer in charge of the D&TF program and is proud of how her accomplishments have set up her trainees as they embark on their Air Force Reserve journey.  “It’s incredible seeing these men and women coming off the streets and not knowing what to expect,” Glenn said. “They leave our program with the essential knowledge that will help them succeed down at Lackland.”

Some of the greatest training tools from this program include teaching enlistees the rank structure, reporting statement and the ability to follow direction in a simulated high stress environment.  During Glenn’s six months leading the program, she proudly boasts a 100 percent pass rate through basic training.

“Many of our trainees will send letters back home to me that I share with others in this program,  those are always the highlight of my day” Glenn said. “The ability to pass on up-to-date information about programs and expectations is a key pillar to our program’s overwhelming success.” “As our alumni send letters, some of the most common themes they share include: physical training expectations; new exercises we can prep for; and other guidance we may not be made aware of until months later if made through proper channels,” said Glenn speaking highly of the importance of her ability to share and prepare the next group of shippers.

Glenn, however, appreciates the “thank you” letters the most, which she says comes around once every two weeks. “It’s like getting a letter from one of your friends,” she says.

Most recently, Glenn received a letter from Airman 1st Class Christina Ross, a recent basic training element leader and honor graduate from Baskin Ridge, N.J., that solidified the importance of this program.  “I arrived a day later then everyone else in zero week,” Ross said.  “Within my first week of training, I was able to apply everything I learned in the program, and quickly exceled to establish myself as an element leader."  

Ross attributes much of her success and confidence to what she learned from Glenn. Airman Ross will take this training further on her journey and will go on to complete a myriad of technical training before returning to the 514th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron as a aeromedical evacuation technician.

The D&TF program currently has 39 of the 514th Air Mobility Wing’s newest trainees currently in their pipeline. With nearly 80 that have already shipped to Lackland since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This program continues to further prove the ability of the Air Force Reserve to adapt and overcome in an ever changing world.

Along with the guidance and determination of Tech. Sgt. Glenn, even the sky isn't the limit.