Rising Six encouraging more Airmen to join council

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Monica Ricci
  • 514th Air Mobility Wing

The 514th Air Mobility Wing’s Rising Six organization is hoping to add more members to the council.

Rising Six is open to all Airmen of the Freedom Wing who are E-6 and below. The organization offers career and leadership development opportunities as well as mentorship and comradery.

“Airmen who are new to the Air Force may not know the opportunities that are available to them including the Rising Six, a place that can facilitate educational, volunteer, and community service opportunities and other social networking events,” said Staff Sgt. Steven Kilawattie, 514th AMW Rising Six Council president.

At meetings, Airmen can receive help to overcome common hurdles such as writing EPR bullets, submitting travel vouchers in DTS, and writing award packages.

“Another purpose of the council is to empower Airmen,” said Staff Sgt. Faith Barclay, 514th AMW Rising Six Council vice president. “Often times, Airmen don't know how to communicate up the chain of command. The Rising Six serves as a place where even junior enlisted Airmen can bring innovative ideas to the table to create the change they want to see.”

The Rising Six Council also focuses on connecting with other organizations like Top 3 and the First Sergeants Council to help facilitate these types of working relationships.

Members who serve on the council's board find themselves serving multiple positions including Senior Airman April DeStefano, 514 AMW Rising Six Council secretary and founding member, who previously served as the council’s president.

“They supported me and now it’s time for me to support them,” DeStefano said.

Senior Airman April DeStefano, secretary of the 514 AMW Rising Six and its founding member, previously served as the council’s president. She said the council is in good hands now with Kilawattie and Barclay running the show!

“They supported me and now it’s time for me to support them,” DeStefano said.

“We’re continuing the good work that she was doing-- it isn't easy to start an organization,” Kilawattie said. “When it's my time to step down and pass the torch on to someone else they can take it onto the next stage.”

The Rising Six meets every Sunday of the UTA at 1000. Airmen E-6 and below are encouraged to attend if their schedule allows. There is no need to sign up – just show up!