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  • Leadership changes in AFRC, 10th Air Force

    Senior leaders in Air Force Reserve Command and one of its numbered air forces change jobs in late December and early January. In a ceremony Dec. 20, Maj. Gen. Allan R. Poulin relinquished command of 10th Air Force to Maj. Gen. Richard C. Collins at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas, to become AFRC vice commander at Robins AFB.
  • ARPC automates 20-year and mortgage letters

    The Air Reserve Personnel Center set another transformation milestone with the self-service automation of the reissue of 20-year and mortgage letters. The letters are now available via the Virtual Personnel Center Guard/Reserve portal. The original 20-year notification letter is issued approximately 120 days after the end of the
  • Reservist can establish online virtual accounts

    Air Force reservists can now go online to create an account on the Reserve Personnel Center’s Virtual Personnel Center-Guard Reserve portal. The portal on the personnel center’s Web site allows reservists to access virtual personnel services and enhances the traditional “vMPF” tools with which many Airmen are already familiar. Service is available
  • AF Reserve Command vice commander retires

    Maj. Gen. David E. Tanzi, Air Force Reserve Command vice commander, will retire in a ceremony Jan. 11 after 37 years of service. Lt. Gen. John A Bradley, chief of Air Force Reserve and AFRC commander, will officiate the ceremony. Maj. Gen Allan R. Poulin, former commander of AFRC’s 10th Air Force, will assume responsibility for the daily operations
  • Guard, Reserve benefit from 2006 defense authorization

    The 2006 National Defense Authorization Act signed into law Jan. 6 provides new or enhanced benefits for National Guard and Reserve members, a senior defense official said. President George W. Bush signed the legislation Jan. 6, providing a variety of benefits designed to bring reserve-component compensation more on par with what the active
  • Military, civilian medals approved for hurricane relief work

    Servicemembers and civilians who took part in Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita relief efforts may be eligible for a medal. The director of the Joint Staff has approved awarding the Humanitarian Service Medal and the Armed Forces Service Medal for U.S. military personnel. Department of Defense civilians may receive the Armed Forces Civilian
  • Sick kids receive Christmas cheer

    Children are one of life’s most precious gifts, and when a child is ill or injured, the natural reaction for many is to reach out to offer assistance. That’s how Pilots for Kids, an international organization dedicated to helping hospitalized youngsters, got started. Founded in 1983 by airline crewmembers, the nonprofit organization’s primary