Freedom Wing begins COVID-19 vaccinations

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  • 514th Air Mobility Wing

Members of the 514th Air Mobility Wing are scheduled to receive the COVID-19 vaccine this January UTA.

The 514th will be among the first Air Force Reserve Wings to administer the vaccine to its members. 

Col. Thom Pemberton, 514th AMW commander, indicated that select medical personnel, first responders, and deployers will be the first to be offered the vaccine.

"Taking this vaccine right now is NOT mandatory," Pemberton said. "You can volunteer to receive it now or opt out and change your mind at a later date if you desire.  That call will be made by you."

The expectation, should a prioritized member volunteer to receive the vaccination through the wing this UTA, is that he or she is physically present and in military status at least once within the next two scheduled UTAs to receive the second dose. The member may also receive the second dose through a civilian provider, but must inform the wing.

Pemberton said he will be getting the vaccine after prioritized individuals have been afforded the opportunity to get vaccinated.

"I hope you know me well enough by now to know that your health and welfare are my utmost concern and I certainly want the best for all members of the Freedom Wing," he said. "You must make the best choice for you and your family.  I look forward to serving with you as we become healthier and stronger together in the New Year."

More information regarding the wing's COVID-19 vaccinations can be found in the 514th AMW mobile app.



How do I know what prioritization tier I am in to receive the vaccine?

Right now, medical personnel who deal directly with patients, first responders, and deployers are being offered the vaccine. Your leadership will let you know if you will be able to get the vaccine this January UTA.

Do I have to get the vaccine?

The vaccine is not mandatory at this time.

What vaccine will the wing be administering?

The current supply of vaccine we have is from Pfizer, which will require a 2 shot series with a 21-day minimum interval between each dose. Read the FDA's fact sheet for more information.

How will my vaccination be recorded?

If you elect to receive the vaccine, you will be provided a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card with the details of your vaccine after it is administered and this same detailed information will also be placed on your screening form and scanned into your medical records.

Am I eligible to get the vaccine if I have already had and recovered from COVID-19?

Because the duration of immunity from natural infection with COVID-19 is unknown, this vaccine may have value in protecting people who have already had the disease.

Do I still have to wear a mask after I get the vaccine?

Unfortunately masks and physical distancing will still be necessary until a large proportion of the population is vaccinated and the vaccine is proven to provide long-term protection. 

For specific questions related to the vaccine and COVID-19, click here.